The Honeynet Project informs that GlastopfNG  has been released. GlastopfNg is a honeypot that simulates vulnerable web servers /applications to fully understand the attacks.

GlastopfNG is a honeypot specialized on simulating a vulnerable web server/application to become a target of automated and even manual attacks. Instead of trying to block these attacks GlastopfNG tries to get as much information as possible about the attacker and the used attack itself. This gathered information can then be used in different ways to protect real applications in the future against such attacks. Today it’s for example already used by hosting providers to inform owners of servers, which are attacking other servers on the Internet, that it’s very likely, that their server has been hacked. This is a great additional service for their customers and can be done in a mainly automated way.

More information available in the paper.
It can be downloaded from here.