Nice post from Darknet that discusses a new technique used by attackers to trick the user into installing scareware.

I quote,

Hackers have subverted warnings generated by Firefox about dangerous sites to punt fake anti-virus portals._

Surfers straying onto a web page offering the “Security Tool” rogue anti-virus are offered a warning page that convincingly mimics the genuine Firefox block page. The site offers supposed updates for Mozilla’s technology that are actually scareware packages.

If Windows users apply these updates they will be falsely warned that their system is infected and continuously nagged into buying worthless scareware packages that serve only to line the pockets of cyber-scammers.

The rogue application will automatically attempt to install itself on the machines of prospective marks in cases where scripts are enabled, net security firm F-Secure warns.

Definitively, it is a really clever social engineering attack,  that will trick the users into thinking that they just got infected and they have to install this new antivirus that is already alerting about infections.